Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Awkward Moment When You Have To See Long-Lost Family Members

              Today, I had the pleasure of spending an entire day at my aunt’s house in California for a family reunion. The weather was nice and the beach twenty steps outside the backyard looked enticing. In other words, it was a perfect day in the making.
                Except for the family part of the reunion.
                After not living in/visiting California for a while now, seeing family was just kind of… uncomfortable to be honest. I mean, what in the world are you supposed to talk about? You always end up talking about two things: school and relationships (as the above picture describes quite precisely). Conversations usually go something like this:
                “So, Sarah, how’s school?”
                “It’s not bad. Can’t complain that much.”
                “Are you doing well?”
                “Are you in clubs?”
                “Yes, orchestra and After School All-Stars to name a few.”
                “That’s good. Are you studying for your SATs or ACTs now?”
                “So. Boyfriend?”
                “That’s okay.”
                “Is it bad that I don’t have one?”
                “ ‘Course not…”
                “Alright then. Um… erm… I think I hear my mom calling. It was nice talking with you Auntie…”

                Yes, I am a socially awkward person. It’s okay. Luckily, family cannot judge you because they realize that if they judge you, they’re basically judging themselves since you’re part of their bloodline and let’s be honest, they came before you, so who’s to blame? I’m not really sure if that sentence made sense; partly because it was an extreme run on. My English teacher that ignores me would tack off five points with a smile.
                Maybe I should work on some social skills before I attend the next family reunion; talk to a mirror for five minutes, then have some already prepared answers for the questions I know will be coming so people won’t be disappointed. Sure, I’m stretching the truth a bit, but it makes conversations with family less awkward, I don’t think anyone will be complaining. Maybe conversations will go like this:
                “So, Sarah, how’s school?”
                “Fantastic! I’m on the honor roll and a perfect 5.0 GPA!”
                “Wow! That’s impressive! Are you in clubs?”
                “Yes, I am the captain of the math team and I am the first chair in my orchestra!” (both of these are complete lies)
                “Not bad. Studying for your ACT/SAT?”
                “Of course I am- I take classes every Saturday and will be taking the ACT in January.” (um, have I mentioned that I have no intentions of studying that hard for these tests?)
                “Do you have a boyfriend?”
                “Obviously. He’s 6 foot 3, smart, athletic, and super nice, don’t you approve?” (well isn’t this a joke…)
                “Of course I do!”

That conversation will never happen… but let’s get over it.
Family reunions will always be awkward.

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