Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Awkward Moment When Small Children Get More Valentines Than You Do

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          “Sarah, I’m home.”
          “Oh, hi Kate, what’s the box for?”
          “It’s my Valentine’s Day box. Everyone in my class got valentines and then we put them in these boxes. Where’s your Valentine’s Day box?”
          “Uh… it’s… in my room.”
          Reality bites. My third grade sister receiving love letters from boys before me? That’s just cruel.
          Naturally, I didn’t really think about Valentine’s Day that morning, so it’s not like I got dressed in a red dress or anything. But I really miss the whole give-everyone-a-gift day in February.
          Sometimes I feel like high school takes away fun activities and turns them into exclusive privileges.
          Take sports teams or “clubs” for example. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of having a few kids in a group who get really close and do stuff together, but sometimes I feel like teams and clubs kind of become a cult. And it’s almost as if people can’t join that cult if they weren’t there from the start.
          But maybe I’m just ranting to try to get around the fact that my sister got more valentines than I did.
          Please excuse me while I go wallow in my sorrows with a classic Disney movie and some pretzel M&Ms that my mother bought me.

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  1. Sarah-
    I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR BLOG!!! Every post is so funny. Not only funny, but very relatable. I can relate to this blog in particular because I miss the times when everyone got Valentine’s day cards and now the only thing I get for Valentine’s day is a card from my parents. I think you should keep up the good work and keep on making these blogs relatable. I also love how strong your voice is in the blogs I really feel like you’re telling me these stories or I’m watching these events happen to you. The pictures are also HILARIOUS and relate to your blog perfectly. Overall, keep up the good work!!