Friday, November 4, 2011

The Awkward Moment When A White Van Follows You

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A couple of days ago, I had the pleasure of walking home alone after school. I had just finished my duties at the high school Halloween party, and watched as small children came and went in their costumes. I saw princesses, ghosts, donkeys, you name it—kids are getting pretty clever these days. 
Anyways, I turned on my street and suddenly heard tires behind me. Normally, I would simply step aside and allow the car to pass, expecting to see an Acura or some other common North Shore minivan. However, this time, nothing passed. In fact, no matter how far off the road I went, this car wouldn’t pass. So, I slowly turned around, and of course, staring right back at me was a white van, and I could see an arm sticking out of the drivers’ seat, holding a cigarette, which “fell” casually to the curbside. I shrieked and sprinted to the closest car. I probably looked ridiculous as my backpack hit my back, but I didn’t care. I hid behind the car and had a mini heart attack as I searched for my phone so I could speed dial my mother in the case I got kidnapped (which, let’s be honest— calling her wouldn't make a difference—mothers never pick up their cell phones on the first call).
Now, here’s the embarrassing part. As the car slowly drove by, I heard, “Sarah… is that you…?” Turns out, the van belonged to my neighbor’s friend, and my neighbor was driving the van. I attempted to look cool by checking out the car I was hiding behind as if thinking Wow, what a nice Saturn Sedan we’ve got here… but obviously, I looked stupid no matter how I tried to cover my tracks.
I guess I could be considered extremely prejudice for assuming that the white van was owned by some kind of rapist, but I don’t care. If I see a white van, I’m running to check out the nearest sedan. 


  1. So funny Sarah! I kind of died laughing and then shared it all with my family: the laughed too. Thanks for brightening my day with one of the many awkward encounters you experience everyday.

  2. You've been watching too much Law and Order! ;) Oh, that's funny. Yes, that is an awkward moment. And yes, I have had dozens of those! (Probably today, if I think about it!) Thanks for sharing!